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Live, Play and Be...Pain Free

Virtual Exercise Therapy

without having to leave the comfort of your home

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Why Choose Us

We offer virtual postural exercise therapy at your convenience without having to leave the comfort of your home. It can be done anywhere in the world whether you traveling, lead a busy lifestyle or have mobility issues all you need is your computer your phone or tablet. Virtual Exercise Therapy's flexible service meets the unique needs of all clients. With appointments available at most times of the day - including evenings and weekends - we have the ability to work around any schedule.



We understand demand and intensity. Overuse and injuries creates misalignment that causes pain. misaligments creates muscle imbalance that causes wear and tearin the joints. We take fresh approach to resolve your pain



Seniors today suffer with chronic pain and cannot maintain an active lifestyle. We understand the root cause of the pain and help to retrain muscles, regain alignment and  creates balance to help you live pain free and active life style no matter your age.

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Busy Professionals

Over time, gradual postural changes occur without our awareness. If you are sitting for to long and developed chronic pain. You’ve tried: standing desc, taking break, other therapies, medication, rest. There is relief, but pain returns.


We understand the commitment to your professional role and busy schedule.

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Health Professionals

Before you say yes to joint replacement. Have you exhausted other non-surgical options?

Egoscue is a world-famous Posture Alignment Therapy that helps to eliminate chronic pain without drugs, surgeries or any manipulations. 

We work with the health professionals.

Before your life-changing surgery try us. In some cases surgeries are necessary but in most cases could be avoided. Talk to your doctor today!

When Tony was just 30 years old, he was involved in a serious car accident. A truck going 70 mph careened into his car and Tony was left with chronic and massive pain. He couldn’t move. His hips were locked. His muscles would go into spasms. He tried every possible form of rehab, yet nothing could rid him of the pain and help him return to an active and healthy lifestyle.


Learn how Tony Robbins healed his chronic pain with the Egoscue Method?

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For the 49ers, the last two seasons have been marred by injuries and loses and there is no doubt that the former has a lot to do with the latter. With 37 players on injured reserve the last two seasons, the issue had become too big to ignore, so the fact that the team decided to move on from strength and conditioning coach, Ray Wright, and head athletic trainer, Jeff Ferguson, who had been with the team since 2006, shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but is there an underlying issue that is to blame and if so, what can be done to fix it?

Learn how 49ers Fix Their Injury Problem with Egoscue Method?

Our Mission


Our Mission

Moving, Learning & Healing for Life

Imagine what your life would be like if you were always full of energy. 

What if you woke up in the morning feeling well-rested and moved into the day with a bounce in your step without pain or limitations? 

What if your mind was consistently clear and you had a body that was light and flexible and helped you to perform your best all day long? 

The truth is your body was meant to thrive. It was exquisitely designed to function brilliantly and to work beautifully. 

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Book a quick call with us and let's take a look at how we can help you!


If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain, we might be able to help eliminate the pain with some simple corrective exercises.



"Egoscue has made a very positive impact on my life"

- Sandy

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