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How Therapy Works


Feel your best, no matter where you are!





It’s important for me to see where and how you perform your exercises at home. I will need to see your full body.

It is recommended that you setup your smartphone on a tripod. If you don’t  have a tripod or smartphone mount, these are available on Amazon for as little as $20. Just search for “Mini Smartphone Tripod” on

I will take pictures though my camera during the session.

I evaluate your posture and gate through the video and guide you through a corrective exercise program that offers instant relief'.

During your one-hour appointment you will learn why you hurt and develop a game plan to get 100% better. You'll leave with a personalized set of exercises to get started on right away and with peace of mind knowing that you will get better. I will evaluate your posture, gait, and various functional tests to determine the root cause of your pain and limitations. Then you will go through a series of posture exercises (e-cises), created specifically for you, that will start correcting your posture and begin eliminating your pain. You will be sent home with pictures, descriptions and videos of your exercises making it easy to continue on your own. 


  • You will continue to do your menu of e-cises daily in your own home.

  • In my experience it is necessary to have sessions on a weekly basis for between 8 to 16 weeks in order to achieve positive results.

  • Remember its is a process, but your body position will be changing!

  • Therefore, it’s important that we see you to update your menu as your posture changes.

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