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"Egoscue has dramatically reduced the pain." 

I would say with only four sessions (menu) so far the pain has been reduced to more than half to what it was. The positive impact have been amazing, I’m able to do activities like: dancing, standing for long periods of time, things I could not do before. I worked with 7 different Physiotherapists for a period of four years and none of them understood what was the issue with me neither gave me lasting relieve. Egoscue has made a huge positive difference in my life. I’m actually excited because if I feel this good now I can’t wait to see how good I will fell at the end of the 8 sessions. 

Since the first week I felt the pain was being reduced a lot. My body was more balance and felt stronger after four weeks. Two months later, muscles that felt inactive or dead were actually feeling functional and stronger .Four sessions later the pain has been reduced by 65%-70%. I did the exercises everyday. Obviously there was a couple of days here and there that I got busy and did not do it but for most of it I stick to the menus.

                                                                         Alejandra J.

“After just one session with Irina, I was amazed at the instant relief and mobility I had.” 

“What started as just a sore, stiff shoulder quickly progressed and I was not able to move my arm more than 6 inches away from my body. I tried chiropractic care for a few weeks but it only provided relief for a couple days. The doctor informed me that I would need to go for physio or possibly cortisone injection, options that I didn't want to go through, but the pain was getting worse. After just one session with Irina, I was amazed at the instant relief and mobility I had. Irina is knowledgeable, professional and personable. She was thorough in her assessment, explained what was happening with my body, and how the different exercises affected different areas. Within a few days, I was able to move my arm to shoulder height, and I was feeling relief in other areas of my body like my lower back and knee as well. Irina is a miracle worker in pain relief.” 

Angelina W.

“I never knew how important posture alignment is to your health till Irina introduced me to Egoscue.” 

“I discovered Egoscue from Irina Selena. She is an exceptionally professional therapist. She's a caring person, who was so informative and helpful. I never knew how important postural alignment is to your health until Irina introduced me to Egoscue. I have neck and back pain and the doctor would give me pain killers to control my pain. Egoscue exercises relieve the pain substantially. The exercises are low impact, quick and easy. Irina helped me to see that my body alignment was off. She gave me a personalized series of exercises that helped me to correct the alignment issues. My husband also has back pain issues and is now using Egoscue exercises every day to relieve his pain. I have 3 children who are very active in sport and, they too, are doing Egoscue exercises for better performance in sport. I am very convinced and understand how important it is to have a good posture alignment. Egoscue works!” - Quyen Treated by doctors with painkillers for neck and back pain.

Quyen B.

“Absolutely incredible experience! Not only does Irina know her stuff, she is also unbelievably caring.” 

After a year of physio therapy trying to relieve a rotator cuff impingement with minimal success, Irina took the time to find the root of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. After only one session with her and a week of following her daily regimen, I had more range of motion than I had since the injury started. Within a month, I was almost fully recovered! With a few more sessions and following her menu, I am happy to be back to full range of motion and PAIN FREE! I can’t thank her enough for giving me back the ability to live my life the way I want to. All without painful injections or medications that would only have masked the problem, not fix it. Irina is a life saver, LITERALLY! If you have the privilege of working with her, you will have no regrets!


-Audrey G. 

“Immediately after one visit I walked away with minimal pain.” 

“I've never experienced the pain of Plantar Fasciitis until recently when I was training for a body building competition. The pain of just walking was excruciating. I was always asking people questions to see if they ever suffered from foot pain; I didn't even know the terminology at this point. To my disbelief, there were so many others with similar stories. Their only explanation to the fix was either quit what they were doing, or just wait until the pain subsided. It was very frustrating as I tried several methods to relieve the pain. The ONLY method that helped was Egoscue. I learned from a friend that she knew someone helping people with chronic pain & I went to see her immediately. Irina is beyond amazing. She showed me that the foot pain was the end result from something else. I have always believed that just because one area hurt, it wasn't the actual area that the issue stemmed from. Irina was the only other person that told me this. To my astonishment, Irina pin-pointed areas that contributed to my pain. Immediately, after just one visit, I walked away with minimal pain! I have never met a more caring individual, wanting to help people with chronic pain. She truly cares. I count my blessings that I found her. I have never came across someone so dedicated to her craft! - Valerie Suffered from severe Plantar Fasciitis 

Valerie M.

"I can feel that the pain my hips is shifting away. The result is that I am now experiencing quality and deeper undistracted seep and my mood is better."


I developed severe pain from arthritis in my hips after a riptide tumble in the sea in Puerto Rico 8 years ago which torqued my left hip. Having done Egoscue for over three months now, I can feel that the pain my hips is shifting away. The result is that I am now experiencing quality and deeper undistracted seep and my mood is better. To get results from Egoscue takes time and effort, Patience + Persistence = Progress. It’s up to me to do the work every day and along the way, I have discovered that my favorite exercise is the Supine Groin Stretch. This is my go-to exercise for quick hip pain relief. In the past I would go for a walk or exercise and complain that my hip hurts. I really like it now when I can say to my girlfriend that my hip is feeling great today! I started with in-person sessions but have found that the virtual therapy sessions are very effective, especially in these times of COVID-19. During a virtual session Irina will assess my pain, assess my progress and build a new custom menu that allows me to work on feeling pain free. The key take away for me is to do your exercises everyday to feel pain-free results and feel better. No exercises no results.

David T.

“I could tell that it was for real since after one session my shoulder pain had pretty much diminished.” 

Irina, you are very thorough with your explanation of exercises, and why to do these exercises. I realize a large portion of this depends on me doing the exercises, but you are great motivation. The daily text messages to check up on me show that you actually do care. It is very much appreciated.


- Omar B.

"Egoscue has made a very positive impact on my life" 

Egoscue has made a very positive impact on my life in providing more comfort and allowing me to start engaging again in previous sports, like downhill skiing.
Egoscue results were felt very quickly within the first week. 

                                                    Sandy W.

"I no longer have constant daily pain which has improved my mobility, sleep and outlook for the future! "


Although my pain still comes and goes since I have started the Egoscue exercises, I no longer have constant daily pain which has improved my mobility, sleep and outlook for the future! I saw results within my first week with very little daily commitment, 1 hour at the very most, and the more I got into the habit of doing the exercises, the easier it was to do them. Part of that is being familiar with the menu so that I don't have to look it up every time I do it and part of that is that my body actually misses doing the exercises. I do like in-person therapy as I feel that it is easier to get corrections in how I am doing things but that said virtual therapy is much more time efficient. I am really enjoying virtual therapy and I think it is WAAAYYYY better than not doing therapy or simply doing it on your own. I highly recommend Irina and Egoscue therapy!

Tara S.

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